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Hand  Spun  Yarns

        Hand spun adds character and charm to a project that cannot be matched by any commercial yarn.   Because the hand-spun fibers are hand-chosen rather than machine blended, all fibers are a consistent length.

        I shear my sheep when they have a fleece length of three to four inches.  My angora rabbits are sheared when their wool reaches 3 inches.   Any short second cuts are removed before I spin the fiber.  For this reason, my hand spun yarns are stronger and less likely to shed short fibers than typical commercial yarns.  The other hand-spun luxury yarns I offer, are prepared from top-quality, personally selected fibers to ensure a high quality finished yarn.

        My yarns are offered either in their natural color or custom dyed.   Because the yarns are hand dyed, the in-stock color selection is constantly changing; although your yarn may be dyed in your choice of color, the exact color shade varies, depending on the dye lot, the fiber, and the individual instance.  So, it is important to purchase sufficient yarn to complete your project because it is virtually impossible to identically match one hand-dyed result with another instance, especially if the yarn is a blend of shades or colors.

        In addition to color selection, different fibers can be blended to give a yarn the best or unique qualities of each.  For example, Angora Rabbit fiber may be combined with Sheep's Wool so that the fuzzy angora texture can be retained while decreasing the extreme warmth retention of pure Angora.

        Hand spun yarns can be provided in any weight from fingering to bulky.  Keep in mind however, that due to the hand crafted nature of these yarns, there may be a minimal variation in thickness along the length of the yarn;  this is one of the things that gives hand spun it's character and the slight variation shall not be sufficient to change over-all tension, nor the size of your finished project.

        Yarn colors, weights and blends, may be custom ordered, with the understanding that it takes time to dye and spin your yarn. Depending on the quantity of yarn needed, custom orders can be expected to take a minimum of 3 weeks.

Listed below are some of the yarns currently available at Ewes-ful Fiber Arts.

Natural White Sheep's Wool yarn --- excellent for traditional Aran knit sweaters and scarves. Usually available in a variety of weights. --- $3.50USD per ounce

Baby Camel Down yarn --- made from ultra soft, Baby Camel down.  A natural, rich, honey brown color, this yarn has a very similar feel to cashmere but at less than a third the price. --- $6.00USD per ounce

Angora yarn --- 100% Angora rabbit fiber yarn is a luxury that must be felt to be genuinely appreciated but keep in mind that angora fiber is 8 times warmer than sheep's wool; so, it is rarely wise to use anything thicker than sport weight in a project. --- $10.00USD per ounce

Aqua Wool/Angora Blend yarn --- 75% wool and 25% angora. This gives the yarn the soft fuzzy feel of the angora without the extreme warmth of pure angora fiber. --- $6.00USD per ounce

Twilight Rose Wool/Mohair Blend yarn --- 80% wool and 20% mohair. The mohair will "bloom" (begin to appear fuzzy) as this yarn is worked with. --- $4.00USD per ounce

Space dyed Wool/Mohair/Angora Blend yarn --- contains one third of each of the three fibers - wool, mohair, and angora.  The yarn was spun in it's natural colors, then space dyed in several different dye pots to achieve a blending of the different hues. --- $5.00USD per ounce

Contact Me for current availability and quantity; because of my constantly changing inventory, this list is only a brief sampling of the yarn colors and fibers available.  All prices are in United States dollars and do not include shipping, handling, or applicable taxes.

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