definition of

FREE  eMAIL  Address

"a unique, globally accessible, eMail account,
provided free of charge for private use"

        Although the internet offers a constantly changing array of free eMail service providers, only a few of the most popular and commonly available are detailed herein following.  Because these services are offered without charge or obligation, specific conditions apply to each individual service.

        Generally, such conditions include auto-deletion of an inactive account, individual eMail and attachment size limits, and limited storage space for sent and received eMails.  In addition, free eMail service providers may discontinue service and delete your account without notice, if at any time the service provider deems you to be in violation of their terms of service.  Each free eMail service provides details of their respective terms and conditions of service, during the initial sign-up procedure.  Because the majority of free eMail services are paid for via advertising sponsors, various advertisements may be displayed whenever you access your account and, attempts to circumvent viewing of the advertising which pays for the service provided to you free of charge, may result in simultaneous deletion of your account.  Similarly, abuse of the free service in any way, usually results in your identity being banned from use of that service in future.

    Free eMail accounts are intended for personal, private, casual, or occasional use, and are not usually capable of handling the volume of eMail traffic that regular business use may involve.

    Friendly Computer Services encourages all customers that do not have an eMail address, to establish a free eMail account for the purpose of maintaining continuity of communication between PRISM PORTAL, the website host, , you, the website owner, , and your website visitors.  This continuity of communication is important during website design and up-dating because, in most instances, it is impossible to reproduce on paper, the visual effects of web design presentation, , whereas web page design details can be exchanged verbatim via eMail.  An equally important consideration, is that of your website visitors and their potential desire to communicate with you, the website owner.  Email is the communication method of choice for the majority of website visitors because of its instant accessibility during their internet browsing, whereas, in most instances, a telephone call necessitates that the internet browser disconnect from the internet and manually dial the respective number instead of merely "clicking-on" an eMail link and typing their inquiry.  The extra time required to telephone or send a note via fax or surface mail, often causes a casual visitor to quickly browse elsewhere to whatever similar website offers them the opportunity of convenient inquiry.

    Friendly Computer Services recognizes that individual circumstances may prevent the establishment or maintenance of eMail communication and can proceed in absence thereof, on receival of your special request.

    Two globally popular and internationally reputable free eMail service providers are listed herein following: