the  definition  of


"the  monthly  hosting  fee  paid  by  the  customer"

        The amount you pay to Friendly Computer Services at consecutive monthly intervals as are determined by your sign-up date, pays Friendly Computer Services to provide the specific features included in your choice of hosting package.

        Unless payment arrangements are made by special request, all account sign-ups initiate a service subscription wherewith the respective monthly hosting fee is withdrawn from the customer's credit card on the same day each month thereafter.  This automatic withdrawal eliminates the need for Friendly Computer Services to bill each customer each month and simultaneously, eliminates the possibility of scheduled payment forgetfulness that would discontinue your website.

        If at any time, for whatever reason, you desire to change, suspend, or cancel payment arrangements,  you need only log-in to your account and do so.  Although Friendly Computer Services would very much appreciate notification of whatever desired  change or website hosting relocation, such notification in no way limits your freedom and ability to personally change, suspend, or cancel payment arrangements at any time, , and the security of the payment system used by Friendly Computer Services, totally prevents Friendly Computer Services from withdrawing any funds from your credit card thereafter.  In all instances of non-payment, Friendly Computer Services sole recourse shall be to delete your account and website files.

Additional information is available on the Secure Payment page.