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"unique identification that provides global access to a website"

      Firstly, a website address is the unique identification that provides global access to a website;  a website address is NOT an eMail address and thus, a website address does NOT provide eMail function or accessibility.  For example, if you rent an apartment, simultaneously, you have a residence location address identity but, that is not your post office box that must be purchased separately, although in many instances, apartment complexes permit postal mail delivery.  Similarly, on the internet, your website address is very much like an electronic apartment that in fact, although it is your internet website location identity, it is NOT your eMail address and thus, an internet website address and an eMail address are two entirely different items. 

        All websites are accessed via the same Universal Resource Locator address protocol and, all three forms of unique web address contain the same constituent elements thereof, as detailed herein following.  Each type of address is equally globally accessible and internet search engine and directory compatible; except for it's appearance, the only difference between the types of address, is the yearly domain name registration cost, as is included within all Friendly Computer Services monthly hosting fees and reflected by the increased fees associated with hosting other than a ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info",  or ".biz" suffixed, domain name website.

        All website addresses must contain an internationally registered domain name to be globally accessible;  that registration links your chosen domain name to a unique Internet Protocol numeric address that identifies the specific computer location of your website.  To state it simply, each website address provides all of the same information to the computer accessing it, that a surface mail address provides to the processing department of a surface mail postal office, that information being the precise location where your website resides, whether that be next door, down the street, across the nation, or around the world.

        The globally established Internet Protocol governs all computer communications thus and necessitates all who have or provide access to a website presence thereon, to adhere to the same rules.  Thus, all web space is identified with unique IP addresses and each domain name registration links that domain name to the IP address identified webspace location where the respective website files reside.

        All websites are accessed via the same Internet Protocol sequence; website access is initiated whenever an internet viewer clicks on a link or types a link in the address bar of a web browser program.  That website access begins with the website address domain name providing referral to the unique IP address registration linked thereto and then, that IP address provides referral to the specific computer webspace location of the respective website, at which time, the homepage of that domain name is downloaded and displayed on the internet viewer's computer screen or, if the domain name was suffixed with additional address information, a further referral accesses a specific location within a registered domain name and the respective specifically requested webpage is downloaded and displayed on the internet viewer's computer screen.

        The three forms of website address are identified as "domain name", "sub-domain", and "sub-directory."




        As exampled herein above, each website address begins with the "http://" location and computer language identification; the "://" directs your computer to locate the requested information on the internet, similarly as ":\" directs your computer to locate the requested information within your computer and it's storage devices.  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol identifies the communication language between your computer and the computer containing the information requested.  Because http has become the global internet communication preference, industry standard browsers automatically prefix website addresses thus, virtually eliminating the need for the internet viewer to manually enter this prefix.

        As exampled herein above, the "http://" identification is commonly followed by a "www.", designating the website as being a World Wide Web internet presence;  in the constantly increasing expansion of the internet, the www. prefix has become address specific, with some website addresses including it and other website addresses EXcluding it;  all Friendly Computer Services hosted websites are accessible with and without the "www."

        The "http://", and "www." if used, is followed by the registered domain name.  Each domain name consists of 67 or less alphanumeric characters, followed by another "."  Each domain name address requires registration and annual renewal thereof, as is included within all Friendly Computer Services hosting packages.  A domain name address may be used for access to a website, a homepage, sub-domains, sub-directories, or specific files and, a domain name may have corresponding eMail addresses.

        Each domain name is followed by the corresponding suffix registered therewith;  that suffix consists of a two, three, or more, character abbreviation that designates the category or geographic location of that website's content.  Because the variety of domain name suffixes is perpetually increasing, the domain name suffixes detailed below, include only those most commonly hosted by PRISM PORTAL;  information on whatever other domain name suffix you prefer, including a firm quote on a PRISM PORTAL hosting package set-up and monthly hosting fee, is available on request.

".com" - is used to indicate either a COMPANY website that provides a specific product or service to consumers, or a COMMAND website that provides on-line representation for an official or authority

".net" - is used to indicate a NETWORK website that provides convenience of access or communication between individuals, businesses, or enterprise locations

".org" - is used to indicate an ORGANIZATION website that provides economical and globally accessible representation for it's membership and general information to the public concerning that organization's operation and purpose

".info" - is used to indicate an INFORMATION website that provides a knowledge base of general or subject specific information that may include a detailed collection of facts and data relating thereto

".biz" - is used to indicate a BIZness (phonetically correct spelling of "business") website that provides a specific product or service to consumers;  whereas ".com" is broadly indicative of any manner of company, , ".biz" more specifically indicates an eCommerce enabled, internet delivered product or service that is directly accessible to the browsing consumer

".ca" - is used to indicate a CANADIAN owned website

".cc" - is used to indicated a CANADIAN CONTENT website that features a distinctly Canadian enterprise, business, or individual

        An example of a "domain name" address is:   Each domain name address must be registered and annually renewed to be used thus.  A domain name address may be used in a variety of ways to access a website, and may have eMail addresses attached thereto.

        An example of a "sub-domain" address is:  Like as with a domain name, each sub-domain must be registered by Friendly Computer Services and requires set-up time and may be subject to additional hosting fees.  Also, sub-domains can not be established for other than pre-registered, customer-owned domain names.

        An example of a "sub-directory" address is:  In addition, if desired, upon receival of customer request, virtually any quantity of sub-directories may be established for whatever customer-owned domain name that is enabled thus, resulting in

       Friendly Computer Services may provide Domain Name registrations through any one of various internationally recognized registrars, as dictated by your specific Domain Name suffix requirements and/or at the special request of a customer.  All Domain Name registrations processed by Friendly Computer Services remain the property of the respective customer.

If a personally processed Domain Name registration is preferred,
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